SleepEasy Centre, founded as a Joint Project of Philips Respironics  and Coach Eugene Baey  (Philips Asia Pacific Clinical Manager ) in the year 2012

Main Mission  is to Assist/ Coach Patients with Sleep Apnea /Apnoea while working with our Panel of  Ethical Clinical Physicians.

SleepEasy Centres is a Auto CPAP, BiPAP Auto and Respiratory Coaching Service Provider, aiming to assist patients to achieve quality-sleeping habits with the help of their CPAP, Auto CPAP, BiPAP Auto, BiPAP Auto SV machines and Ventilatory ( Bi-Level ) and Oxygen Devices.


Sleep disorder breathing slide

SleepEasy Centre works very Closely with Ethical Physicians ( Focus on the Patient) to Achieve the Quality Sleep , Desired to have a good Night’s Rest. We work with a Panel of Physicians from Family Medicine, ENT, Cardiology, Neurology, Dentists, Renal, Psychiatrists, and many others.

 Patient Centric and focused   to coach them on   CPAP and Auto CPAP and BIPAP Auto Therapy.

It is a Non Invasive Therapy to assist them Sleep and Breathe Better to get a better Quality of Life. 


 We also provide Medical Oxygen therapy to All Patients especially the COPD Patients and Cancer Stricken Patients.


The Sleep Centre is equipped with various instruments and tools to cater to the varying needs of all patients.


Located in the Heart of Singapore, Orchard Road, the Sleep Easy Centre is easily accessible. Please make an Appointment for a Detailed Discussion with your Sleep Study and Prescription.