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Sleep Coach - Eugene Baey

Founder, CEO, Sleep Coach

Eugene Baey

Founder,  and Sleep and Respiratory Coach of SleepEasy Centre, Mr Eugene Baey has more than 20 years of clinical experience with patients with Obstructive and Central Sleep Apnea and even Complex Sleep Apnea.

His Vision and Mission of SleepEasy Centre is to assist patients

and walk their CPAP/ BIPAP journey with them.  Patient Centric and Passion for Patients journey with Pap Therapy.


Working with Only Ethical, Honest and Sincere Physicians, We endeavor to provide/ render the Best Service and in turn treat them and monitor every patient as they walk through the doors of our Centre.

We believe that Sleep Apnea should be approached as a multidisciplinary issue. With a concentration in Metabolic Syndromes ( eg High Blood Pressure ). Prevention of Stroke, Heart attacks, Dementia, Alzheimer Disease,  type 2 Diabettes and High Blood Pressure are our speciality)

With a high level of dedication, we believe that every patient is different and Special, providing every patient with different perspectives and advice to allow for better care. 

Contact us today to book an Appointment, to allow our Sleep Coach,  Eugene Baey, give and Tailor the Best Programme for  you.

Get Ready to get back your Quality of Sleep with Your PAP Device !

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