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PAP Machines

Positive Airway Pressure - PAP

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Regular use of PAP treatment can minimize the impact of OSA. The benefits of effectively treating OSA through the regular nightly use of PAP treatment may include:

1. Increased energy and attentiveness during the day

2. Lower blood pressure

3. Decreased risk of strokes and heart attacks

4. Increased effectiveness at home or at work

5. Improved overall quality of life

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure - CPAP

CPAP is the most commonly used PAP therapy. CPAP provides a continuous stream of air pressure to keep your open. Inclusively, an auto-PAP adjusts the pressure as you sleep accordingly, providing the best and most inclusive PAP treatment.

BiLevel Positive Airway Pressure - BiPAP

BiPAP provides a BiLevel stream of air pressure (inhalation and exhalation), providing a more effective and more comfortable PAP treatment. BiPAP may also be prescribed by your physician for severe cases of OSA.

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Positive Airway Pressure - PAP

Our complete line of (1)minimal-contact, (2)nasal, (3)full-face, and paediatric masks reflects our commitment to innovation and meeting patient and business needs. We offer various styles for comfort and compliance.

Minimal Contact Masks


OptiLife Minimal Contact Mask




The OptiLife is designed to be easier to use with features that make life easier for patients, sleep professionals and providers alike. The mask comes with advanced flexible mask tubing, where at the critical point where the tubing meets the mask, it creates an optimal seal in any sleep position.

OptiLife also has two cushion options:


(1) The traditional pillows cushion, which inserts into the nostrils, and

(2) The CradleCushion, which sits under the nose.

Nasal Masks






The ComfortGel Blue Mask uses a unique gel technology now to enhance optimised comfort and drive long-term therapy. It also comes in various sizes to fit every person.









The EasyLife nasal mask’s innovative, lightweight design delivers Auto Seal Technology, a set of features intended to make EasyLife your favourite mask for set-up and titration. EasyLife’s unique dual-cushion construction features a soft inner cushion that creates a flexible, self-adjusting seal around the nose, while the supportive outer cushion comfortably provides an additional level of stability.





The Dreamwear under the nose nasal mask is a unique design which offers many benefits of nasal and pillow masks to allow patients to have the best of both mask types. Allowing more freedom of movement and more comfort than their prescribed mask, DreamWear patients feel like they are not wearing a mask at all.

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Optilife Mask
ComfortGel Mask
EasyLife Mask
Dreamwear Mask
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