Thrive Healthcare

Thrive healthcare focuses on rehabilitation after critical illness to improve their overall quality of life.  Thrive provide world-class home rehabilitation service which aims to assist all their clients to thrive at their full potential.

They offer services such as 

  1. Pre/Rehabilitation & Functional Recovery After Critical Illness

  2. Post-Joint Replacement Rehabilitation

  3. Rehabilitation of the Older Adult

  4. Cancer Rehabilitation

Lifeforce Limbs and Rehab

Lifeforce Limbs and Rehab is a specialist clinic which focuses on prosthetics and orthopedic-related mobility problems products and services.

They offer services such as 

  1. Orthopedic

  2. Prosthetic

  3. Compression Garments

  4. Scoliosis Brace

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Sleep and Respiratory Wellness Centre

304 Orchard Road #05-40

Orchard Medical Suite

Lucky PLaza, Singapore 238863

Tel: +65 67374748

HP: +65 90012988