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Personal Testimonies

Interview Number 1.  August 12, 2017   David Wayne Ross

Bible Verse: Psalms 27: 14 KJV “Wait upon the Lord: be strong, and let your heart take courage!”

1. How did you know you had sleep apnea?


After I was admitted to the hospital, I was having breathing issues, snoring a lot, and having nightmares, at times. Dr. Hui, my Lung Doctor recommended wearing a CPAP mask at night, and I was introduced to Coach Eugene Baey from the Sleep Easy clinic.

2. Did you accept the CPAP mask well?


I did not accept it very well in the beginning. If I had a nightmare, where someone was chasing me, I tore the mask off, and threw it. Then, a nurse would come to my room, and patiently put the mask back on again. And, the next day, the Doctor and Coach Eugene would calmly tell me, it would get better in time.


3. How do you feel about the CPAP mask now?

I think it has been a tremendous help to me. I feel more rested, no longer have nightmares, breathe better at night, do not snore.

4.Has Coach Eugene Baey been a help to you?


He certainly has been a great help. He is no longer just my sleep coach he is also my friend. He took extra time to talk with Carole and I. He encouraged us and prayed with us.


5.Would you recommend others who need CPAP therapy get the overnight sleep test, to see if they need the mask?


By all means. Carole took the overnight sleep test, and if she can take it, anyone can. She is very claustrophobic. Plus, I can vouch for it myself, as I have used a mask for quite some time now, and I know what a help it has been to me!

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