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SleepEasy Centre

Sleep Easy Centre is a Auto CPAP and BiPAP Auto, Respiratory coaching service provider aiming to assist our patients in achieving optimal quality of sleep with the appropriate use of their Auto CPAP and BiPAP Auto or BiPAP Auto SV machines.


Here at SleepEasy Centre, we provide patients with efficient products and services.

Patients just need to bring their sleep report / PSG  and prescription forms to the clinic and allow our in-house Regional Coach Eugene Baey to assist you in interpreting the report and explaining the Polysomnograph(Sleep Report ) in detail.

After which, we would Assist to locate the Suitable and Effective Mask for Treatment of Your Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA).

Here at SleepEasy Centre, we are dedicated to provide the utmost service to our patients. We live by Assess, Diagnose, Treat, Monitor. The four words that allow us to walk this journey with the patient.

Make an Appointment for our Auto CPAP or BIPAP Auto Coaching and understand your Sleep Issues.

Get a FULL EXPLANATION of your Sleep Report and Analysis and find the BEST machine and Pressure suited for your OSA Needs. Sleep Easy Centre Coach will assist to titrate your airway and find the RIGHT Pressure that suits you to achieve optimal results.
(Do not accept a default setting of the machine)

                              Click here to understand Sleep Apnea.

                               Click here to learn more about the PAP therapy and masks.


                               now to make an appointment today to achieve QUALITY sleep for you and your partner.

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